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Texas PSB Qualified Managers Exam.

The Private Security Bureau qualified managers exam is given three to five times a month at the Department of Public Safety headquarters in Austin. Exams are scheduled for manager, supervisor, and consultant applicants after the proper applications and required fees have been received and when it is determined that the applicants meet the experience requirements for that particular position.

The managers exam is designed to ensure that every manager, supervisor, and consultant have understanding of the rules and regulations that govern the private security industry in Texas, namely the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702 and the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 35. Currently every applicant for these three positions must pass the same exam which covers the statute and rules regardless of the category of company for which the managers/owners are applying.

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The exam consists of 140 questions and the time allotment is two hours. Question format is true/false and multiple choice. A score of 105 or greater is required to pass the exam. Exam results are sent to the company mailing addresses after the exam dates. By statute, the Bureau has 30 days to notify test takers of their scores. If the score is failing, a re-exam date will be included in the notice. A re-exam requires a $100 fee, and applicants are allowed to re-test as often as the exam schedule allows within their 90 day application window.

Scheduled applicants must bring a copy of their invitation letter as well as their driver's license or state ID to the exam. They must also know their application or company license number. All Private Security Bureau correspondence will include this number.

Manager Testing/Training

The Managers exam was significantly modified as of September 2008. The 2013 exam questions now focus on issues of general concern to managers of licensed companies, such as the eligibility criteria for registrations, pre-employment obligations and procedures, application requirements, record-keeping, and the procedures relating to disciplinary actions and administrative fines. Many questions are also intended to test the manager applicant's knowledge of the 2007 amendments to Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702, and recent changes to the Board's administrative rules, as they relate to the management of licensed companies.

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